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Monday, April 26, 2010


good evening blogging peeps!!! hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, mine was long and busy! my baby girl was sick since thursday with a high temp and throwing up BUT i think she and as well as mommy are on the mend.
you might ask what my title tonight means..........well the question is WHY is it that when a person is so unhappy in their own lives that they turn it around on another person?????????????????? that is my question................ WHY???????????

has anyone out there in blogland ever encountered someone like that???? i have, a few to be excat!! it really kinda makes me laugh to tell you the truth!!! lol...how can you determine this when you have never met a person in real life or even spoke to them.......really weird , huh????

well enough on deep thought, lol....i did get a little tweaking done on saturday through the busyness at my house, lol, i hope to get some pics uploaded and some new items added to my selling blog. i have orders to finish then it's time to experiment on "new" things!!!!!! i will soon be having an open house in my shop to celebrate five years of business so i need to get busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i l♥ve to have many new and different things for there. i hope you all have a wonderful week in everything you do..................until next time...BIG prim hugs, amy♥


  1. So glad to hear Bree is feeling better! Sick kiddos are the pits!
    Can't wait to see your pics of new goodies!
    Hope everything else works out!

  2. Hi Amy we all have people in our lives that for one reason or the other..just do ot like us sweetie.I have lots of people who really dislike me for whatever reason.And thats fine by me,,if thats the way they feel ...then so be it.You know you're a Good person hon..so do'nt let them get to you.I get the feeling this is a person from the internet in general or blogging that you are talking about from the way you are talking.I have one who had become a very good friend as a matter of fact that recently turned on me..and I was the one who was blamed for it,and I did Nothing but be good to this person ...as she was with me.So see we never really know someone..especially over the internet.But bottom line is ... It really bothered me alot for a long time. But I am Over it finally!!And I will Never have contact with her again ,,,even if she apologised or begged me.The only reason I am telling you about this ..is so you see we all get burned by friends and foes.lol!!!People can be so petty!!!Ok I'm done with my tangent now!!!! LOL!!! ..... Donna

  3. Hey GF!!!!!! We have talked about this for hours on end on the phone lol.As a grown woman I have no time for petty stuff..I have enough to keep me busy in my real life & so do you & you know your a great person & a true Friend.a wonderful Mother..Daughter & wife...Nothing else needs to be said & you sure have nothing to prove to anyone especialy someone on line who doen't know you & has never met you..HUgs & luvs ya Maria

  4. I am so glad Bree is feeling better- and you are too! I am glad to be friends - so glad I met you and I love your prim creations! Try not to think about the negative things that bring you down - including people.

  5. thanks girls for stopping by!!! don't worry, none of this is bringing me down, lol, i just think it's soo funny, it makes me laugh!!! i know i have a wonderful life, husband, daughter and family....i just wish some other people would!!!! lol....BIG prim hugs to all my internet/blogging friends, i'm glad i've met ALL of you.................♥

  6. I've had some of those experiences too and they're not always easy to deal with. Sounds like you have a handle on it though. Laughter is a good remedy. Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. Why not come back and leave a message so I can put you on the blog giveaway list. The drawing is May 20th. I just joined both your blogs - nicely done!

  7. Yeah, I know what you mean. I usually just ignore those kind of people. They are not worth the fuss!

    Glad you and Bree are on the mend! My son was sick last week and gave it to me. Now we are both on the mend as well... hopefully no one else in the household gets it!

    I wish I lived closer to you or at least in the same state... I would love to come to your shop celebration!! Have fun with it!