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Saturday, April 24, 2010


good evening blog peeps.......hope ya all had a great saturday! i've been so busy since easter filling orders and working outside and the last two days playing doctor mommy that i've forgot to post some goodies i got in the mail from two special friends!!! first i got a gorgeous, HUGE gameboard from my prim bff maria-aka amb primitives- that i totally L♥VE....and then i got a judy condon book and alot of other super duper prim goodies from my other prim bff theresa-aka purensimple-purensimple-and she also sent easter goodies for bree!!! we were like two kids in a candy store, LOL...once again,,,THANK YOU GIRLS,,,luvs ya!!! ♥ i have met so many wonderful people on here, and some NOT so nice, LOL... but in all i treasure ALL my "new" friends and i hope to met many more!!!! the weather has been cool and yucky here today, i cleaned, did laundry and tweaked a few things, pics will come later. rain is moving in town and for the next four days....ughhhhh...but we do need it for the yards and flowers. well that's all for tonight, i hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend!!! until next time...BIG prim hugs, amy♥


  1. Great goodies! How fun to get surprises in the mail!
    Love those Judy Condon books!

  2. Your so welcom GF!!!!!Enjoy your goodies & I'm so glad we met & that I have you in my life as my friend ..Hope my lil prim friend is doing better Hugs & love Maria

  3. You girls are so welcome!!! Glad Miss Bree had fun opening up the package. Hope she feels better soon. Big Hugs to you both!!! ♥T

  4. Awesome goodies!!
    It is always fun to get surprise packages in.
    I dont have any of JC books yet. I really need to get on eBay and see if I can find some. Everyone seems to really love them.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.

  5. Awww what wonderful gifts from such gret friends!!! Maria And Theresa are both very talented ladies...and obviously they really care about you hon!! Do'nt worry about the Not so nice people you run across when you know you have those two who really do loves ya!!!Kindness matters!!! hugs!!! ... Donna

  6. LMBO... Oooooooops cant spell today!! meant to say great friends!!! lol!

  7. Aren't prim blog friends just the sweetest? I love mine so much! You received some awesome stuff, love it all!! Would you believe I don't own a single Judy Condon book? But that's about to change because they're now on my list to buy.