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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


good evening blog peeps.... hope everyone had a wonderful day. as for me, i did...today 15 years ago i said "i do" to my amazing hubby! we have really been together for 22 years though. we share a beautiful daughter together and can't thank the good lord enough for that. i have to say the last 15 years has been soo wonderful..my hubby has supported me in anything i have accomplished. he loves to do many things i do, from wood working to junking, lol.....i love you honey and thank you for my wonderful life!!! ♥ well enough of my rambling, lol, i've been busy this week in the shop and with my crafting. i posted a few new things on my selling blog and have many more things to list too. please go check them out and stay tuned ......until next time....BIG prim hugs, amy♥

PS. look what my hubby brought home for me. ♥


  1. Happy Anniversary, enjoy the beautiful flowers, gonna check out your goodes on your selling blog.
    Blessing for a wonderful day,

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful thing when two people come together that enjoy the same things. There isn't anything more important in a marriage than friendship. Enjoy your day, Dawn

  3. gorgeous flowers Amy! Happy Anniversary :) I am checking out your selling blog!

  4. Glad you had a wonderful day!

  5. Congratulations!!! Your flowers are beautiful!!! Wishing you many Happy Anniversaries!!!!

  6. Happy belated Anniversary! I so love your flowers! I would much rather have those any day than a bouquet of roses. Sounds like you are very happy and very blessed my friend!