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Sunday, June 21, 2009

to all the dads.......

good morning everyone!!! just a quick post this morning, lots to do.....i want to wish every hubby, dad, grandfather, son, brother out there...a "happy fathers day"!!!!! my hubby is having a great one!!! bree surprised him this morning in bed with his gift. he was soo happy and teary eyed!! we are soo lucky to have her, we thank god everyday!!! she got him, we should i say "we" got him, lol, since she's only three, lol, a new pic of her with the saying "my daddy rocks" on it and a new flag t-shirt. we had a fabulous breakfast too. we have to go give my dad, papa, his gift now. and then.......we are going to look at "bunnies"....yah...yes, we are getting two new bunnies!!! bree is soo excited!!!! hopefully i will have pics to post later.......so for now.......everyone enjoy their day with their fathers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lots of prim hugs ♥
ps. this pic of hubby and bree is from this past fall, doing what they do best.....lol.......♥

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