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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some sad news.........♥Thumper♥

good morning my friends.....this morning i have some sad news, our daughters bunny died some time yesterday!!! my hubby jay went up to feed him last night and found him in his box lying. so it was kinda sad in our home last night. it was kinda weird this morning too, every morning when i take the dog out to do his business i always talk to "thumper" and he was always out ready to greet me. soo, we told bree that we would get her another one and maybe "two" if she's good!!! our local fair is coming up and they always have them for sale in the rabbit hutch so that mad her feel a little bit better. we were trying to think of new names last night. i thought i would share that with you this morning because it was on my mind, i feel soo bad for bree. it's so hard to lose something!!!!

it is raining again here this morning, we are suppose to have a better day than yesterday. i hope the rain stops! i have arrands to run this morning then hopefully home to craft !!! i hope everyone of you have a most wonderful day.....until next time, lots of hugs......♥


  1. Hey gf I'm so sorry about Thumper..Sending you & Bree big hugs

  2. oh poor Thumper and I just know Bree is heart broken..:O( Thanx Amy for stopping by my blogs! Good luck with yours and Happy Blogging--Dawn

  3. thank you dawn for stopping and the sweet comment!!!! ♥

  4. I wanted to send my condolences yesterday but my computer wasn't cooperating! Hope Bree is doing well! Give her a hug for me!