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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Good Morning blogging peeps...........i hope you are are well. the sun is shining and the birds are singing, it's gonna be a GOOD day!!!!!! spring is not far away!!!! i thought today i would show new pics of my prim shop. this was a life long dream of mine that came true in May of 2005, the same year i had our daughter Bree. i have the most loving, supportive husband ever that he will let me be a stay at home mom and have my own shop and business. life is good at the ferringer household!!!! my shop is soo fun being able to make and wholesale things, it's like christmas when the ups man brings me boxes to open, lol....i love it!!!! i also get to be around other people, my customers, that like the same things i do. after being a retail manager for 12 years, primitives is a whole new ballpark, lol. well, enough of my rambling, lol...hope you enjoy my pics....until next time, lots of hugs ♥ Amy ♥
ps.....there's a whole bunch more pics on my facebook of my shop too......♥


  1. Hi Amy I love your pics.. do you have an Etsy? I would love to check out your wares I am in Oklahoma so I know I can't actually visit your shop but maybe I can mail order.. let me know :)

  2. hi Andy!!! thanks for the sweet comment! no i don't have an esty but if you see something,, i will surely ship to ya....did you see ALL my pics on facebook?? go take a pek....let me know.....hugs, Amy ♥

  3. well blow me down....lmao...look at you miss prim shop- A -holic ...lol is there anything you don't have in that there shop of yours? Looks awesome i love how you rearranged it! just got asked to do a re-do of a formal living room to a primtastic living room...i can't wait...yard sales here we come!!!! are ya up for it? huggs ♥ BeAn

  4. Wow! I could do some serious damage to my checking account if I lived close to your shop! Lol! I LOVE IT! That has always been a dream of mine too. But I just get to keep on dreaming for now. I've worked retail for 22 years, ouch! am I that old? I started working for Michaels the year after I graduated high school. Worked there for a year and have been at Hobby Lobby ever since. I love it, but would so love to have my own store!